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Millions of individuals and families face dire economic circumstances that are the result of a turbulent economy, job loss and significant loss of income, medical illness and the absence of affordable healthcare, as well as a multitude of other economy circumstances that are as diverse as the individuals and families that make up our state and nation. Tough economic times and the lack of financial resources have left many individuals and families with many questions about their futures and the means and resources needed for survival. Competent and experienced legal counsel is often necessary to explore debt relief options both inside and outside of bankruptcy.

Obtaining legal consultation and learning about legal resources available at the outset of financial distress as well as devising a plan for the future often can save valuable resources and preserve income and assets necessary to get back on track. The attorneys of Tiller & Rivera Law P.A., PLLC., are available for consultation and provide free consultations to individuals and families in need of guidance on debt relief matters including Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 consumer bankruptcy matters as well as asset protection and alternatives to bankruptcy including debt settlement. The attorneys of Tiller & Rivera Law P.A., PLLC., offer representation in all bankruptcy matters and proceedings to individuals and families throughout the state of Florida and strive to implement both technology and legal knowledge to achieve the fresh start our clients in many cases desperately need for survival. Many individuals and families find it difficult if not impossible to resolve excessive credit card debt, debts incurred as a result of mortgages and home equity lines, medical debt, repossessions as well as a wide variety of other consumer debts as a result of their particular economic hardships.


In many cases a bankruptcy may be able to
  • Stop Foreclosure Proceedings and Lawsuits filed by Credit Card Companies
  • Eliminate Mortgage and Home Equity Line Debt
  • Cure Arrearages on Mortgage Loans
  • Stop Repossessions
  • Stop or Prevent Wage Garnishments
  • Eliminate Medical Debt
  • Eliminate Credit Card Debt and other Unsecured Debt
  • Protect Exempt Assets and Wages
  • Stop Creditor Calls and Harassment
The relief afforded to the individual and family depends on the specific chapter of bankruptcy available; therefore, legal consultation is advisable early in the process. Bankruptcy is often the only true debt relief option available to individuals and families facing insurmountable debt yet due to misconceptions and the perceived stigma of bankruptcy many fail to obtain guidance early. Many potential clients needlessly struggle with debt for years prior to seeking legal guidance and this can often jeopardize wages and assets needed to obtain the full benefit and the fresh start desired and needed by these individuals and families.

Obtain guidance and discover your debt relief options. Do not struggle with debt because of misconceptions and incorrect information provided online and through other resources. Unfortunately, tough economic times create fertile soil for the growth of unscrupulous debt settlement and consolidation companies, loan modification companies, as well as a host of other businesses operating in the industry. In certain circumstances, bankruptcy may not be desirable or even needed but it is often necessary to obtain legal guidance as to bankruptcy alternatives such as debt settlement which can result in unintended tax consequences or can fail to obtain the relief needed.

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