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9,000 Foreclosures Dropped in West Palm 4/4/2011

Palm Beach Post: 9,000 dropped foreclosure cases from Plantation law firm now in limbo in Palm Beach County

Almost 9,000 foreclosure cases in Palm Beach County alone are in question since attorney David J. Stern has announce he is closing his foreclosure practice and “dropping” the files. In reality Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have discontinued to do business with Stern’s office due to the unethical practices that came about months ago. New foreclosure firms have been given the files months ago.

At Tiller Law we defend clients with foreclosure cases that had Stern’s office for their lenders attorney. The cases have had little action since the false affidavit accusations months ago. Little action has happened on these cases until new law firms were assigned the files by the lenders.

Apparently Stern has told Palm Beach County judges that he simply doesn’t have the attorneys needed in order to file the Motions to Withdraw as Counsel that are required by the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure. All attorneys are required to file a Motion to Withdraw and have it granted by the judge in order to be relieved of their legal duties in the case. In Stern’s case, he simply notified the judges but the courts are unable to recognize this notice.

Some firms, who have taken our Stern’s cases, have filed stipulations to substitute counsel, which is acceptable. According to the Palm Beach Post, the courts have not received enough stipulations to cover the cases Stern is involved in. Florida courts are looking into options and remedies to resolve this issue, including looking into options that the Florida Bar may offer.

So far, this has not created a major problem since Stern still has attorneys in the courtroom on a daily basis. However, major issues are most likely to arise after the end of the month when Stern’s foreclosure firm closes its doors and there are no longer attorneys to represent Stern’s firm’s duties to the cases they are not officially withdrawn from.

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